The Journey Begins.

Hello! My name is Joanna Hughes, Jo for short.

I’m an artist, I’ve started work on some environmental projects, and I live in different countries. Not unique, I know. Who needs another blogger?  But I’m joining the ever-growing number of people wanting to help the planet in some way.  It’s our home after all.

I have gone in 6 months from calling the UK my home, having a business and all of that, to having no fixed abode, no business and figuring it out along the way. So I was thinking, someone else might want to go after some personal freedom too but they haven’t quite got there yet. Might they be more inclined after reading this? Maybe.

Plus I’m working on some marine projects and trying to assist in the weaning off dreaded plastics, that we are addicted to like alcohol and telly. It’s been easier than I realised to get involved.

To be honest, I just thought,  I’m going to do something instead of complaining from my sofa at home. Instead of getting shocked, horrified, crying on social media, where you often feel powerless. A better way to deal with your anger I thought, is to just go and do something.  So here I am, first stop. Mexico.

Cozumel Ocean Research and Project Sea Green Love Sea, Live Green



Wisdom begins in wonder- Socrates


2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins.”

  1. You share, offer, the wonder and love of what is so essential, fundamental cycles of life; moon, tide, birth.

    That is enough, Is not improved by adding our constructions or technologies. They seem only to poison.

    Somewhere, in us all, though hard to reach, we are still a creature pulled by the moon and rides, a humble timeless wild soul.

    Thank you Jo, this talks straight to that wild soul..


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